News & Know How
  • China programs to phase out incandescent light bulbs
    News of China's decision to switch to energy-efficient lighting came just days after the United Kingdom announced a voluntary program to phase out incandescent bulbs by 2011, and as the U.S. Congress considers legistation to make a similar transition by 2014.
  • Are LED Street Lights ready?
    LED technology for street lights is advancing quickly, are the led street lights already to replace the general purpose illumination?
  • Development of LED lights in China
    Semiconductor Lighting(LED) is the most important industry in the 21 Century. It is a revolution in lighting source globally. China’s semi lighting industry is entering a great-leap-forward development period where Innovation and independence have been highly accented.
  • China's New Energy Plan
    Chinese government is promoting a huge investment in the energy,the support plan would focus on nuclear power and renewable energy as wind and solar power.
  • IP (International protection) of Lights
    IP(INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION)is defined by international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the ingress of solid objects ,and liquids in electrical enclosures.
  • Follow the solar brick road?
    Solar landscape lighting is very popular these days, solar brick, which are powered by sunshine collected during the day, to be used in the construction of public roads、walkways、gardens and parks, is one of your best select opitions.
  • Story of the solar energy
    We have always used the energy of the sun as far back as humans have existed on this planet. As far back as 5,000 years ago, people "worshipped" the sun. Ra, the sun-god, who was considered the first king of Egypt.
  • LED Street Light Design Technology
    In recent years, LED lighting efficiency has largely increased from 35lm/W (2006) to 100lm/W (Q1’2009). Judging from the increasing LED efficiency, LED products are expected to replace traditional lighting, especially in high power consumption products. Due to the extensive lighting market, there are various new market entrants in the recent years.