Are LED Street Lights ready?

Some one say Yes:

LEDs have a number of useful properties, 3 of which are useful here: directionality, specific colour and efficiency.

More efficient - LED output upto 120 lumens/watt compared to 86 lumens/watt of sodium vapour lamps.

Solar led street lights - LED lamps are perfect for solar power. Together the potential for highly effiencient energy lighting solutions are possible.

Long life - LEDs last 60000 hours and can last even longer if they driven at 70-80% of their current rating.

Some one say No:

LED's might be bright enough to see, but they aren't bright or efficient enough to be used as street lights. As far as directionality goes, a proper reflector will work with a incandescent bulb. Producing white light also saps much of the efficiency of LED's.

Replacement LEDs are a lot more expensive than replacement HPS bulb.

LED street lighting is the future

Because of the benefits, i.e very low maintance,long lifetime, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

When people are still in the debate whether LED street lights can replace traditional street lights, led street lights are already used in many cities.

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