36W LED floodlight (Item No.: EN-FLO-36W-O)
36W led floodlight
with Osram led chip
Input voltage:85 - 265V
Lamp luminance: 2020lums
Viewing angle: 120 degree 

36W LED floodlight with Osram LED chip, reliability,LED luminance: 2600lums, lamp lumiance: 2020lums under 5600 color temperature.

 36W led floodlight osram

LED based Flood Light with a 36 Watt high power LED capable of providing 2020lm light output which is the equivalent to a 150 W light. The glass cover is 5mm strengthen clear glass which is fully waterproof and resistant to all environmental factors.


With a 100,000 hour life span and a low power consumption these flood lights will save cut your electric bill. Using so little energy and still getting a high powered light you will also be doing a little bit more to help us save the environment


Flood lighting can be a great accessory to your home and will be able to light up your garden, garage and court yard with such a long life span and low power consumption you will not have to worries about changing the bulb or the LED overheating.


  • No flickering
  • No RF interference
  • No UV radiation
  • No mercury
  • 60% less power consumption than traditional light sources
  • Low heat emission
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Super bright illumination
  • Reliability
  • maintenance free
  • Lifespan >= 30,000H
  • CE & RoHS compliant


  • Outdoor lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Facade lighting
  • Square, Park, Wall of buildings, Church, Hotel, Bridge, Tree, Public area, Landscape etc.